Saturday, November 21, 1:04 CST
I just got back from seeing Rugrats (yeah, you heard me). A friend of mine demanded we go see it. Pretty good children's movie, although I almost fell asleep at one point.

At any rate, they ran the Star Wars Episode 1 trailer, which was the reason I went to a movie tonight in the first place.

I admit I had my doubts. Star Wars has become a bloated franchise, corrupted by a legion of writers who care only about the profits they can milk from it, and by "fans" who don't seem to care what sort of pathetic drivel they buy and read as long as it bears the SW name.

I wasn't sure Lucas could do it again - it has after all been 20 years. I wasn't sure if a new cast could really bring back the magic.

I needn't have worried. This is the real thing.

It's gonna be a long wait.

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