Monday, November 30 17:58 CST
I saw Pixar's A Bug's Life Thursday night. Enjoyed it immensely. Excellent animation, a decent (if predictable) plot, and good voice work. Everyone's comparing it to Antz (for obvious reasons) and Life is definitely the better film, but (IMO) Antz was written for an older audience, and it does succeed on that level.

They also ran the short Geri's Game, which was quite good, though some of those chess moves were questionable...

I picked up a bargain rack copy of MechWarrior 2, a game I've been wanting to play for quite a while. You wouldn't think KB Toys would be that great of a place to find software, but it's amazing what you can find lurking behind the lame console ports.

My RedHat and Debian CD's finally arrived today, though it may be a few days before I install either of them - There's a WWII era music thingy at school tonight (attendance is mandatory), and the district one act play contest is (joy) here tomorrow.

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