Tuesday, December 15, 23:48 CST
Well, I finally installed Debian, after which getting PPP to work took all of 30 seconds. Nearly as painless as Win95's dial-up networking, and far more convenient once it's set up.

All in all, I think I prefer Debian to Red Hat, though from what I can see they're both quality distributions. Now if only I could get my video card to do 16 bpp at 800x600 under X...

The Daemonsong site has received an overhaul (no more JavaScript), and I'm told episode 202 will be out shortly.

I scanned another piece of non-art a while back.

[lotr.gif (21.7k)]

Is this, you ask, worth even the relatively tiny amount of bandwidth that transferring it would waste? Probably not. Then again, that applies to the rest of this page. :)

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