Thursday, December 24, 23:50 CST
Wow. Christmas Eve already.

Happy Holidays out to LWQuestie, Saalon, Gurney, Gulthek, kitten, FoolsRun, Data, Annakie (*thwack*), Vash, RifRaf (boom!), moon, Ruxandra, Capper-Deluxe, Axquat, MlitiaGrl, GaretJax, MeanStreak, Hawk, Wyrdrune, tvb, Cornjob, Zach (or is that with a k? I can never remember...), Maples, Bronweg, Xandar, Journeyman, DrMarcus, JohnLennon, Swooop, cat, wombat, Arial, Donna, Ben, and everyone I'm no doubt forgetting. :)

I saw Enemy of the State last night. Enjoyed it quite a bit. On top of being a pretty good action flick, it's an attack on the people who're doing their best to turn this country into a police state. Sure, it has its fair share of computer/technology BS, but it's more than made up for by all the little (and not so little) digs at the NSA & company. (And hey, we could all use a little more paranoia in our lives, right?)

I'm heading to Kansas with my family first thing tomorrow morning, so no updates for several days, but after that I'm going to do my best to start updating every day (I've never let a lack of content stop me before), and hopefully I'll have time over the vacation to actually get some stuff done (cleaning up this site, a big chunk of the Daemonsong tech bible, maybe even some homework...).

In the meantime, Merry Christmas all! (All 2 of you who read this ;) )

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