Monday, April 27
Dæmonsong episode 110 is (finally) out. It's a two parter, and the second half should be out soon. (Honest.)

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Sunday, April 26
If you're not a regular on, you can skip this.

If you've been on events lately, you probably know Gurney's leaving, and why. If not, here's his explanation, and here's the log of the chat between Merlyn and shred.

I agree with Gurney about the incident that started all of this. I don't think Journeyman did the right thing, but I can understand why he did it. Dealing with that sort of idiocy gets old fast, and I would probably have done the same.

I don't think Gurney's making the right decision in cutting off all contact with the SFC; this incident has done far more damage than it should have. Shred should have been approached directly, and he should have offered an apology. None the less, I respect Gurney's decision to leave, and I'm not going to try to talk him into staying. Even back in January I would have felt differently, but things have changed.

I've had great times on events, and as Saalon said, I wouldn't trade them for anything. But the server has been going downhill for a long time now, and the community that was events is mostly gone. When you think about it, it's amazing how long it lasted. A lot of good has come out of that little community, and I'm proud to have been a part of it for so long. In short, it's about over, but it sure has been one helluva ride.

(* Gurney winces)

We're gonna miss you Gurn.

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Tuesday, April 14
I decided to write up a list of things I'm working on. Nothing earth shaking, or even mildly interesting for most people. It does sort of make it look like I'm doing something, though.

I stuck a table of contents on my SF link page.

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Saturday, April 11
I doubt it's news to anyone reading this page, but the Babylon 5 spin-off series, Crusade, is official. There's an announcement on TNT's site.

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Sunday, April 5
Daylight Savings Time sucks.

I saw Lost in Space yesterday, and wrote a quick review.

The WWW Cell Biology Course is a great educational resource... If you happen to be learning cell biology, check it out.

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Thursday, April 2
Among the better April Fools jokes I saw yesterday were an article on HotWired, and this game review. There's a huge list of jokes on Blue's News, as well. You know, the number of April Fools gags probably says something about the nature of reality on the 'net...

I've been meaning to post this for a while... Monospace is one of the best QB/QBasic games I've ever seen. It's a side scrolling shooter of the "fly along in a little ship and shoot stuff" variety. A nice recreation of older arcade games, and quite fun to play. (You'll need QBasic.)

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Wednesday, April 1
Well, the Mozilla source has been released. Should be really interesting to see what happens in the next couple of months.

Stick Figure Death Theatre has been updated. While I don't think The Axe quite lives up to the earlier classics, it's none-the-less quite entertaining.

Noticed a link on to an interesting editorial on GUI's, user friendliness, etc. Makes some pretty good points.

Moved all the March updates to the old updates page. Hmm... I should really try to update more frequently.

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