Monday, June 1, 13:40 CDT
Phil Hartman murdered, Pakistan and India doing their best to incite a nuclear war, still more homicidal psychopaths murdering classmates... Maybe the world really is going straight to hell. (Sorry. Every time I pay attention to what's going on in Real Life (tm), I get depressed.)

Saw Godzilla Friday, wrote a quick review. The X-Files trailer looked extremely cool, despite my not having watched more than a couple of episodes of the series.

Speaking of reviews, quite a while back I said I'd write one of The Neutronium Alchemist, the sequel to The Reality Dysfunction. After reading the first half (they split it into two paperbacks), I didn't really feel inclined to pay for the second. To be honest, it was a big disappointment after TRD, and I don't have much hope for the series.

Another month... Moved May stuff to the older updates file.

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