Tuesday, June 23, 17:18 CDT
We're in St. Louis (well, Granite City, IL actually). Not sure that matters to anyone, but I felt like mentioning it.

Just checked my mail, and noticed an announcement that there's a new version of mIRC out, v5.4. I haven't downloaded it yet, since I can't seem to find a local dial-up, and 800 number charges add up rapidly (have I mentioned AT&T makes a lousy ISP?).

I saw a note on Blue's News that it's been two years since the shareware release of Quake. Hard to believe; I can remember all the pre-release hype, checking sites like Quake Will Rule The Cosmos and Stomped religiously, and practically drooling every time even a little bit of information leaked out of id. ("Spooge" - now there's a word I haven't heard in a while...)

Tuesday, June 23, 14:54 CDT
Ahh, the joys of using a laptop in a vehicle. The glare off the too-dim LCD screen, the feel of the too-small keyboard sticking, the threat of second degree burns from the battery pack, and the sneaking suspicion that you're going to wind up sterile after holding the damn thing in your lap...

Oh well, life would be boring without *something* to complain about. At least I'm not totally cut off from civilization. Now if I can just find a phone jack...

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