Friday, July 10, 14:29 CDT
Just remembered to move the June updates to the old updates file.

Friday, July 10, 14:24 CDT
A few links to Stuff Worth Reading:

  • Jon Katz has a piece up on HotWired called "Defining Geekdom". Worth reading, though he's basically saying what some of us have known all along - it's good to be a geek.
  • William R. Trotter's column in the August PC Gamer contains a link to a fascinating account of the battle of Falkirk (you know, the one in Braveheart).
  • There's a new Dear Mynx up.
  • If you're looking for an almost depressingly cynical take on the gaming industry, see this page.

There were quite a few old regulars in #World'sEndTavern on last night, and we got to talking about the possibility of a second Con-events-ion. It's tentatively scheduled for June of '99, in Dallas. Considering that there were three people at the first one, this doesn't strike me as terribly realistic. OTOH, given a minor miracle, you never know what could happen...

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