Tuesday, August 25, 18:36 CDT
In one of those wierd little coincidences that my life seems to be full of, I was thinking last night about how incredibly cool a well done film version of The Lord of the Rings could be. And what do I find upon checking Slashdot? It's actually going to happen. And as a trilogy.

I know I shouldn't be optimistic about this. I fully realize that a truly great work of Science Fiction or Fantasy has never survived the translation to film. I've seen Dune. I know that to really do LotR justice would require at least six films, all with massive budgets.

And yet, I can't help myself. Maybe, just maybe, it can be done. And just think how awe inspiringly good it could be... I can dream for a little while, anyway.

As always, there's all sorts of good stuff to be found over on Ain't It Cool News. Harry Knowles seems really optimistic about this one, which is a good sign.

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