Sunday, January 10, 13:25 CST
I spent yesterday at a Quiz Bowl (basically a trivia contest) competition at a local tech school with the team from my school. It was (mostly) fun, and we did pretty well. The only problem being a surplus of the obnoxious types who take this sort of thing *way* too seriously. (Oh yeah, and the presence of the Evil Janitor From Hell in the cafeteria.)

Went to Patch Adams last night. I liked it quite a bit, and it made some good points about the medical profession and life in general. It's also got some excellent lines ("Yeah, but you suck at it."). On the downside, they did lay on the syrup a bit thick at times.

I watched Aliens again on HBO (or maybe it was Cinemax) after getting home. Truly a great flick. Would someone please tell me why, if Starship Troopers was doomed to be an action movie, James Cameron couldn't have directed it?

(Notice I've started linking to movies on the IMDb...)

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