Sunday, January 24, 1:01 CST
I just got home from seeing The Thin Red Line. I have very mixed feelings about this one. In a lot of ways, it's one of the best war movies I've ever seen - nearly as good as Saving Private Ryan (to which comparisons are inevitable). The camera work is incredible - this is a movie filled with images both beautiful and disturbing. The cast is strong, and the acting superb. It may be the closest thing I've ever seen to a novel on screen.

The biggest problem is that it's just too censored *long*. Beautiful (and important to the central theme of the movie) as all those images of nature are, they just take up too much time. I wouldn't mind the 3-hour running time, if more of that time was spent telling the story. As it is, it could easily be 30-45 minutes shorter.

That said, it's worth seeing in a theater.

Anyway, other stuff...

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get anything scanned over the past couple of days. Ah well, suppose I'll do it Monday. Not like it's a great loss.

There's been a petition started up to protest the shutting down of the International Lyrics Server. One hopes that it'll get a good number of signatures. Not that it'll do a whole lot of good - if the people responsible really cared about doing the Right Thing, or even what's good for musicians and fans, they wouldn't have taken such action in the first place.

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