Thursday, January 28, 19:35 CST
Gurney's latest project is Papyrus, a web based SF mag. He hopes to publish professional quality SF on the web, and eventually to be supported entirely by advertisers. Ambitious, yeah, but you never get anywhere if you don't dream.

I was skimming Freshmeat (extremely cool site, if you don't already know) the other day, and came across AtDot, a free (free beer *and* free speech) web-based e-mail service that lets you use your current e-mail account. The site is simple in the extreme (a good thing, IMO, when you're talking about an e-mail service), and the software that runs the whole thing is GPL'd. All in all, a pretty good alternative to Hotmail and the like.

I'd like to see ISPs using software like this to offer web-based e-mail to their subscribers as a standard feature. It's certainly useful when, for example, the public school you attend has an administration so painfully misguided that they've forbidden the use of telnet.

I see Yahoo just acquired my old web host, GeoCities, for the standard obscene amount. Is it just me, or has this whole "portal" thing gotten a little out of hand?

("What does this mean to you as a GeoCities Homesteader? Well, first of all, GeoCities will remain better than ever. Much better than ever!" - I can't wait until NTK gets ahold of *this* one.)

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