Friday, January 8, 23:59 CST
So much for "tomorrow".

I bought a copy of Linux Unleashed, 3rd Edition last night. It seems to be a decent beginner's reference in most respects, but it suffers from trying to cover too much ground in one book, and the author never seems to have made up his mind exactly what audience he was writing for. I'd have preferred something with more depth and a somewhat more restricted scope. (For example, there's a section on HTML. Why?) That said, I'll probably still get quite a bit of use out of it.

An e-mail announcing mIRC v5.5 just hit my inbox. I'm downloading it now. Too bad I'll have to reboot into Windows to try it out. (I actually got mIRC working under WINE at one point; discovered shortly thereafter that I'd somehow fragged my Windows directory and had to re-install Win95 yet again. Haven't messed with it much since.)

Some time later...

mIRC v5.5 has some nifty new features. The option dialog has been reorganized into a hierarchical tree (think Explorer), which is a big improvement over those clunky tabs. And you can now click on directly on URL's and nicknames, which makes a channel feel quite a bit more interactive.

mIRC is easily the best IRC client I've used on any platform... A better client may exist, but I haven't found it yet.

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