Tuesday, October 19, 21:53 CDT
630+ hits.

A little surprising, to say the least. Granted, on the scale of actual traffic, this doesn't even register, but it's still more than I ever would've expected.

Looking at logged HTTP_REFERER's and IP addresses reveals quite a bit, though. It seems this page is actually well indexed on search engines and directories, a lot of which scan it on a regular basis. I'm not sure why. Meta tags with keywords seem to make a big difference, though. And there're some words that, even used once somewhere in a document, attract attention - "porn", for example. One can see how some unethical individuals might just be able to use this to their advantage. Couldn't be that hard to fill up a new page with high interest keywords and start pulling in massive traffic, then load it with lucrative banner advertising... Bad thoughts. Out of my head! Out!

And then there're the Germans. "Brennen" as a keyword seems to pull in a *lot* of them. Judging by the stuff they search for, most are looking for warez and CD burning info, neither of which is all that plentiful around here. Too bad I don't know German...

And of course there're all two of my actual regular readers. You guys rock. ;)

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