Sunday, October 3, 21:30 CDT
Missed a couple of days there - my computer and its peripherals were sort of scattered. I've now got my computer out in the loft of the garage we've more or less finished building. It's sort of bright and airy and open here, and people keep walking through. Weird.

Hmm. I hear the sounds of a nail gun downstairs, and the air compressor keeps kicking on. This probably means my parents are working on something. Something I should go help with.

[time passes, sounds of hammering and cordless drill with low battery]

I'm back.

And now they're carrying a couch up the stairs. A very old, large couch. It's sort of gold and green, with what looks like a floral pattern. Wonderful. Now I'll have a place to crash when it's 3 in the morning and 30 below and I don't feel like walking to the house. That is, assuming the couch isn't home to a large family of rodents and insects after sitting in a shed for a year or three...

If you possibly can, see American Beauty. It might be the greatest movie I've ever seen. (I attempted a review, but not with much success.)

They're yelling something again. Which probably means they want help moving furniture around. I'll upload this when I get the chance.

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