Wednesday, October 6, ??:?? CDT
Well, I'm liking the loft, although the amount of old furniture we keep moving up here is a little frightening. And that metal desk with the 1960's institutional green paint (the kind of thing you'd expect to see in a hospital or an asylum or something) sucked to move up the stairs.

I spent last night attempting to install Debian on an old IBM 486 for use as a web server. Actually a decent little machine, with one problem - no CD-ROM. You know, I'd almost managed to forget the bad old days, when floppies reigned supreme. You don't realize how much having a cheap, reliable form of mass storage has changed things until you try doing without it. Then suddenly it all comes rushing back. The piles of floppies in old shoeboxes. Hour long multi-disk swapfests for game installs. Watching that little progress indicator climb slooooowly toward 100%. The joys of DOS boot disks. Rebooting, editing autoexec.bat, rebooting again - 659 times...

At this point, my one option would appear to be installing the base system with floppies and FTPing the rest. I'm just not sure if it's worth the effort of finding that many (reliable) floppies and spending that much time downloading. Maybe I should try using one of the mini Linux distros that run and boot off a floppy to partition the drive and download the necessary files... At any rate, I need to get *something* working before someone at school decides to spend 3 or 4 grand for a dedicated web server...

Hmm. I'm betting that while I've been out here, it's gotten really late. And I should probably do some physics. There are half a dozen other things I'd rather do that would probably be more valuable to me in the long run, but we all know homework is more important, right?

From here on out, I think I'll avoid making any promises as to when I'll be adding new stuff. For example, I could say I'm going to put up several lengthy pages of actual content and a bunch of scanned images within a week or so, but we all know better.

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