Thursday, November 11 (uploaded Sat, Nov 13, 1:03 CST)
I meant to update this last night, but I started playing around with Perl and regular expressions. Regexps are amazing things, but difficult to wrap one's brain around at first. I have to wonder if there exists some kind of graphical tool to put together a custom regular expression. I'd think it'd make a great teaching tool.

I downloaded w3m yesterday. According to the author, it's a pager (i.e., a file viewer like less or more - there's sort of an interesting little history of the program) that can act as a text mode web browser. It's got some very nifty features - it renders tables and frames, you can pipe standard input to it, it's small and fast, and when it's acting as a pager it can turn anything that looks like a URL into a link. It's not a replacement for Lynx, nor is it trying to be, but it fills its niche well. It's at least worth a look.

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