Wednesday, November 17, 19:30 CST
Finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban yesterday. Better than and the Chamber of Secrets, I think. On to and the Sorcerer's Stone (actually the first book, but I didn't have it earlier). I only hope Rowling can continue writing this well over the next 4 (I assume there'll be 4, one for each year at Hogwart's) books. It'd be remarkably easy to write bad Harry Potter books according to their now established formula for a few decades and have nothing but another soulless cash cow franchise...

(*mutter* Clancy *mutter*)

I'm hoping to see a few meteors tonight (well, a lot would be nice, but I'm not expecting too much). The peak time around here (Northeastern corner of Nebraska) is supposed to be somewhere between midnight and sunrise, if that's vague enough...

Watch us get the most incredible meteor storm in a century - right after the heavy cloud cover moves in.

Anyway, guess I'll update more later.

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