Friday, December 17 (posted later)
Was going to write this before going to the basketball game. Guess I'll just write it on the Palm.

There's finally snow on the ground here. Christmas coming and all, this is good.


Half time. Excitement. Or something.

You know, the problem with this thing is that it's impossible to write anything without a steady refrain of "What are you writing on that thing?". My next reply is going to be "A violent revenge fantasy. Care to hear how you die?"

Argh! This is the last time I use this thing in public.

Thu Dec 16 01:00:54 EST 1999
Different date format... I did ":r !date" in vi, just to see what it'd do.

I've been doing a little writing on the Palm3x lately, notes and quick e-mails and stuff. I've come to the conclusion that what the Palm really needs is a sort of vi-like editor. Not specifically the same interface - the keyboard input that vi depends on would map to a stylus/character recognition device really badly. But something that'd let you edit in the same way, quickly making changes and navigating with relatively little input. I wonder if a pseudo-vi with graphical buttons or shortcuts for some of the most commmon stuff would work... Probably not.

Too bad I lack the skills to try writing something like this.

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