Saturday, December 25, 12:10 CST
Merry Christmas and a general Happy Holidays (whatever you celebrate, or don't) out to Gurney, Gulthek, Tessa, Saalon, LWQuestie, MeanStreak, Hawk, RifRaf, Vash, Journeyman, moon, Wyrdrune, Annakie, Smurf, GaretJax, Ruxandra, Bronweg, tvb, Zach, Cornjob, Maples, Xandar, DrMarcus, JohnLennon, Swooop, cat, wombat, Axquat, MlitiaGrl, Capper-Deluxe, Crayon, FoolsRun, Data, Mike, Jesse, Ben, and everyone else. :)

Christmas already. Sorta snuck up on me. Which seems odd, given that this year's meaningless artificially induced consumer feeding frenzy was probably as annoying as it's ever been. But that's a rant for another day...

I'll be leaving soon for Kansas and family gatherings. Be back in a few days, I guess. Merry Christmas all!

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