Monday, March 1, 21:13 CST
Well, it had to happen sooner or later. MST3K is coming to an end. One of the best shows of our time, and an inspiration for anyone who's ever made fun of a bad movie. An island of intelligence in a sea of mediocrity. It's going to be missed.

But that's not what really hurts.

What really hurts is that the unspeakable bastards killed Crusade. We'll get the 13 episodes that've already been produced, and that's it, barring the kind of miracle we all know isn't going to happen. (See AICN.)

It's hard to fault the Sci-Fi Channel; at least they tried to get ahold of the series. TNT, on the other hand... I find it hard to see any other explanation than "Well, it wasn't moronic enough for our target demographic, and JMS just wouldn't dumb it down enough".


On a pleasant note, there's finally(!) a new episode of Daemonsong up. And it only took 3 months this time. If current trends hold, the next one should be out in just under 2 months. ;) (Seriously, it's a decent ep, and I imagine the next one will be out considerably sooner.)

Hmm... What if I put a little text calendar like this one:

     March 1999
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On this page, and linked the individual days to their specific updates? Perhaps I'll do that tomorrow...

Moved all the February updates to the old updates page.

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