Wednesday, March 17, 22:38 CST
Hmm... Seems like there was a bunch of stuff I wanted to mention.

There's all sorts of nifty new stuff over on Slashdot. Customizable pages with sidebars for various news pages, comics, and so forth, filters for content, modes that are easier for low-end/text browsers to deal with (there's a shocking idea).

It's amusing (though not surprising) that Slashdot has managed to become something that none of the over-hyped commercial "portal sites" (hate that word) have - it's relevant, useful, and just generally cool.

Speaking of alternatives to over-hyped portal sites, I've been quite impressed with the Google search engine, and the Open Directory Project has come close to replacing Yahoo for me. If I could think of any topic I'm particularly knowledgeable about, I'd become an editor...

Most likely I'll think of the stuff I wanted to say here when I can't possibly do anything about it. Probably around 8:23 tomorrow morning, as I sit in English wishing I were still asleep.

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