Sunday, March 28, 23:02 CST
I ordered a copy of Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 on CD last night. I'm looking forward to upgrading, downloading some stuff from the unstable tree, and finally having a reasonably up-to-date system.

I've been playing around a bit with LiteStep, a Free shell replacement for Win95/98/NT. This one is easily worth the 1.58 meg download, even if all you do is play with it for a while and say "cool" before going back to the standard taskbar 'n desktop.

Ok, Jon Katz on Slashdot is finally getting on my nerves too. This piece contains some excellent criticism, though it takes some unwarranted cheap shots (and not just at Katz). IMO, Katz is quite capable of making some good points - he just tends to miss them himself. And his growing tendency to self promote while trying to define and please a culture he doesn't really understand is grating. Of course, I suppose that applies to a great many people...

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