Wednesday, March 3, 0:12 CST
I just got the April issue of Analog. It's quite good from what I've read so far. The editorial is thought provoking... Talks about balancing the need for intelligent decisions in government with the need for everyone to have some say in such decisions, and comes to the unsurprising conclusion that we just have to have a well educated majority. Considering the alternatives, I'd agree, but...

(Cue Pink Floyd's "The Wall" in the background.)

Let's face it, widespread quality public education isn't arriving any time soon, much as we might wish otherwise. All we can really expect is more crushing bureaucracy and institutionalized BS. And I have my doubts that anything can be done to turn it around, aside from relying on other sources of education.

But hey, what do I know? I'm just a student.

Speaking of SF 'zines, the most recent story over on Papyrus is probably the best yet published there.

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