Monday, May 17, 18:38 CDT
Well, my updates have slowed to a pathetic crawl lately. If I have an excuse, it's probably school, and the sheer tonnage of homework I've been dealing with (or failing to deal with).

Graduation was yesterday... Depressingly enough, I've still got a year to go, but rather than dwelling on that, congratulations to everyone who's fortunate enough to be escaping the wasteland that is high school.

All sorts of stuff happening lately... A recent legal decision involving the export of crypto code is actually good news for once... The kind of thing that can make your whole day a little brighter, even if it will most likely be overturned by a higher court. (For some reason, I still haven't much faith in the intelligence of this country's legal system.)

And on the less pleasant side of things, it seems Australia is facing some heavy duty legislation of the "We must protect the children! Down with civil liberties on the Internet!" variety. There's more info and a petition that might do some good here.

Less than two days to go...

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