Thursday, June 17, 21:55 CDT
I really should do something here. Clean some things up. Mess with the layout. Write some actual content. Add some links here and there. Something. But, well... I'm tired.

I'm going to do some work for the local highschool on their site over the summer. Should be loads of fun... (Time will tell just how sarcastic I should be when I say that.)

Amazingly enough, I actually got official permission to install Linux on a former Windows box (a little Gateway Celeron machine) at school. Even more amazingly, I actually got it smoothly installed and on the network on the first try. Love it when something I do actually *works*. ;)

If I had the energy, I'd rant a bit about operating system politics, fanaticism, and so forth here... Maybe later. At the moment, I think I'll go watch last night's taped Crusade episode.

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