Thursday, July 1, 23:13 CDT
Well, the Crusade ep last night ("Paths of Sorrow") was probably the best so far, if flawed. I'm really starting to like Galen as a character. And "This is where I get off. Metaphorically, metaphysically, and literally." is one of the better lines I've heard lately.

I'm still not sure about this show, but the potential is definitely there. I keep thinking about Babylon 5's first season. What's sad here is that we'll never really find out what Crusade could have become. Or even what these first few eps could have been without moronic interference...

Is it petty and childish of me to wish for WCW Monday Nitro's ratings to plunge like an overweight wrestler diving from atop the Empire State Building, so that TNT can flounder around desperately searching for real programming? Probably, but I find it hard to care.

(I should mention The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5. Excellent site.)

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