Sunday, July 11, 1:30 CDT
Finished that brief review of Tarzan.

I ordered a Palm IIIx last night, after some waffling. There are a ton of cool looking little PDA/Palmtop devices out there, but at this stage of the game (and given my budget), a Palm looks like the best bet. Some stuff at the Gadgeteer, among other cool sites whose URLs I don't have at the moment, helped me make up my mind. Guess I'll post more when I actually get the thing and see how I like it.

Of course, in a few years, we'll probably all be able to carry gadgets as powerful as the average desktop machine around in our pockets, which should make things interesting...

Hmm... What else...

I downloaded and compiled (with some difficulty, but it finally worked) Cooledit yesterday. It's not as if I really *need* another text editor (Linux is rife with them), but this is a pretty nice one. It's got a kind of retro look to it, and feels a bit like the better Win/DOS editors I've used. (I gather it's actually based on the editor in Midnight Commander, for whatever that's worth.) It's got some nice features - on-the-fly spell checking, syntax highlighting, Python scriptability, and the like. Overall, I'd recommend it if you want a nice GUI text editor, but don't want to learn something like XEmacs.

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