Friday, July 23
Well, I've run into a bit of a snag with my Palm usage - went to install a few short stories in Doc format that I found on MemoWare, and shortly thereafter, the Windows HotSync software died on me. Tried again, and it did the same thing. Messed around with various combinations of .prc files to install, and while I can sync up data, actually trying to install anything leads to a crash.

I'm sure there's a logical explanation for this (more logical than "#%@!ing Windows!"), but I haven't yet taken the time to figure it out. Maybe I should just try setting up some Linux software and an organizer, and see if it works. (In which case, "#%@!ing Windows!" will be good enough for me...)

I spent most of last night at a local Christian youth camp that's been run by the family of a good friend and neighbor of mine for around 10 years now (this was their last year). Had quite a bit of fun. I'm left with a couple of questions, though - why aren't games like capture-the-flag recognized as real sports? And is it actually legal to guard your flag by sitting on it?

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