Sunday, July 25, 23:48 CDT
This is too cool. A telnet based BBS for readers of User Friendly. Complete with message boards and games, and stuff.

Having lived in small town and rural areas most of my life, I pretty much missed out on the rise and fall of the BBS, an institution that's always appealed to me for some reason. Even (or maybe especially) these days, with ever more widespread Internet access, I'd love to see a local board. Someone with a couple of phone lines and an old Linux box could probably manage something pretty cool...

If I had the resources, I'd love to try running one. Unfortunately, phone lines (the lack of a few spare ones being my biggest obstacle) cost money, which is something I don't have much of. And I have a hard time imagining finding more than a couple of people who'd be interested in using it anyway.

At any rate, telnet BBSes are cool, and I'm going to have to try my hand at TradeWars 2002.

Looks like the parts of Gandalf and Bilbo for the LotR movies have been cast. I've still got nagging doubts *anyone* can pull these films off, but right now it's looking like they'll rock (as movies), even if the story they tell isn't quite the same one. Which may be the best we can hope for. Don't get me wrong - Tolkien's work is wonderful beyond my power to express, and I want to see a faithful screen version, but if what we get is a great set of films that at least convey the spirit and tone of the books, we're doing pretty well IMO.

I tried installing a few different files on my Palm, and discovered that only a specific few cause the HotSync prog to perform one of those pesky illegal operations. I can only assume they're corrupted, or something.

I found a handy web based tool that converts HTML to the Doc format, for easy reading on a Palm. It worked well on this page... Think I'll learn more about creating Doc's, and see what other formats are available. It'd be cool (for no particular reason) to offer what little is here for handheld devices.

The latest issue of TBTF contains a number of disturbing items of interest to people living in the US. The national I.D. card especially worries me, though it's not as if this hasn't been coming for a very long time. Maybe I should start exercising my right to engage in futile protest and write some letters to politician types.

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