Tuesday, August 3

I just spent 3+ hours attempting to install Windows 98 on the single Debian box I had set up at the school, so that it could be dual booted. I had left a 1.5 gig partition free, and backed up the important stuff, just in case I had to reformat the whole drive... How hard could it possibly be?

Never, ever, ask how hard it could possibly be. That's right up there with asking "How could it possibly get any worse?" or demanding that the main Bad Guy in the flick give you what you've got coming.

What kind of sadistic bastard came up with a setup program that produces warnings like "Note for experienced users and administrators: this will delete all files and partitions on the drive, and create a single partition...", without allowing you to *change* anything?

I'm guessing some more monkeying around with DOS's fdisk, or something else I missed entirely, *might* have let me install it on that first partition, but somewhere in there it messed things up completely enough that I just gave up and let it reformat the entire drive. After watching the insipid installation program tell me how much faster, more fun, and easier to use the computer would be once it was finished, I had to deal with Plug and Play, and watch as Windows failed to find drivers for half a dozen pieces of hardware. I lost track of reboots somewhere around 7.

I don't know whose skewed idea of "user friendly" this is, but it sure ain't mine. The confusion I felt the first time I tried installing Linux doesn't even approach the sheer frustration caused by dealing with as brain damaged an OS as Windows.

Before I made the mistake of deciding to set up a dual boot system, (after all, I figured, this way it'll blend in better, be useful to more people) that humble little box provided a comfortable GUI environment, countless useful tools, shell access from any computer in the building, a web and FTP server...

Folks, software doesn't have to suck. You have choices.


Ok, I'm done. For now.

Tuesday, August 3, 1:40 CDT
Sorta missed a week there...

It hasn't exactly been a good one. I managed to break my youngest sister's nose with a baseball (we were playing catch, I threw two balls at once, she went for one... *crack*). Why don't my really stupid mistakes ever injure anyone who deserves it?

Thursday I was told I really ought to be taking medication for Attention Deficit Disorder, a course of action I will probably be pushed into simply because to object to it would seem so very unreasonable. You know that wonderfully suffocating feeling of being capable of controlling your own life, while knowing full well that if you do, the cost will be more than you're willing to pay?

Friday I got a flat tire (which comes of leaving assorted sharp bits of metal laying around the driveway after building a garage), and had a couple of wisdom teeth pulled, which pretty much rounded things out for the week.

The news lately hasn't exactly been very uplifting, has it? Mass murder, moronic legislation (seems *really* thick lately), and general suckiness seem to be drowning most everything else out.

Sudden pleasant thought... Orson Scott Card's new book, Ender's Shadow, should be out before too long. It takes place during the events of Ender's Game, and tells the story of Bean, one of my favorite characters from EG. It'd be next to impossible for Card to equal Ender's Game, but I'm not ruling out the possibility... And I'll no doubt spring for the hardcover as soon as I see it.

Always good to see another Pilot pen addict.

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