Thursday, August 5, 17:20 CDT
Well, this could be the last chance I get to update for a while. Two family reunions coming up shortly. I gather I'm leaving tomorrow (always good to find this stuff out in advance), will be back Monday, and then leave again on Tuesday. After which I probably won't be home again until the 18th.

Hmm... If you're a BeOS user looking for a way to keep track of your finances, take a look at Accountability.

I really need to get Be running on something one of these days. It may not be free software (which, IMHO, is an important consideration) but it *does* sound like Software That Doesn't Suck, which we could always use more of. Soon as I get done writing this, I'll find out if it's capable of running on the Macintosh that's been taking up space downstairs for months.

Maybe if the Mac was running something less crash prone, I could convince my mom to try getting some use out of it again...

I guess if it won't run the BeOS, there's nothing to lose in trying Linux/PPC, which I'd like to see running on a machine or two at school... I have this vague notion of finding some way to slip a Linux/PPC box in, in place of one running the MacOS and At Ease (a graphical shell kinda thingy that provides a login, lets you access documents on a server, and exists mainly to impose massive restrictions on pretty much everything else), and seeing what happens.

Interesting piece on Slashdot, about the mainstream success of Linux driving off users who want to feel special and exclusive about using an alternative OS. Topical, I guess, since I've started noticing morons obsessed with how using Linux makes them so 'leet, and how much everyone who doesn't sucks, floating around IRC servers and so forth. (I guess this is really a different, but related, phenomenon. It's been going on for quite a while of course, but this kind of increase must mean growing mainstream awareness. Or something.)

What's far more interesting than the article itself, though, is the discussion... I tend to agree with the people who use Linux (or maybe it'd be better to say an OS based on the Linux kernel) because it's a free, open system that fits their needs, not out of some pathetic need to be "trendy".

And besides, well, it *is* pretty cool... ;)

Anyway, others have said it far better (and more often) than I can. I think I'll go read one of the half dozen books I'm in the middle of for a while...

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