Wednesday, September 15, 0:42 CDT
If I weren't in need of sleep, I'd try finishing up a review of Ender's Shadow. As is, I think I'll wait until later (much) today.

I ordered LinuxPPC on CD from LinuxPPC, Inc. for $32 US. Quite a bit more than I've paid for Debian CDs in the past, but it should be worth it. Especially since they apparently just released a new version with more hardware support and stuff yesterday.

Actually, I understand Debian's working fairly well on PowerPC these days, so I'll probably give it a try at some point. The PowerPC version, that is, since I'm already running it on x86.

I also ordered a leather case with a belt clip for the Palm. Carrying it around in my pocket is workable, but it gets a little old. And who wants that blue pocket lint collecting on their screen? Not I.

Time for sleep.

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