Thursday, September 16, 0:41 CDT
I had some time to kill in study hall today, so I started messing around with my counter script. Figured it'd be interesting to log IP addresses, clients, and the referer. Knowing where a given hit comes from, what web browser's being used, and the last page that browser visited is interesting, no question. It's also vaguely creepy the amount of info you could collect like this.

I was explaining this to a classmate (one Rik Smith), so he opened up a copy of Netscape on another machine in order to test it out. He typed in (which, as you might notice, has an extra "s") and made a fascinating discovery. It's always good to have a URL that's just one easily made typo away from porn. From now on, I think I'll use ;)

I actually managed to talk to the school superintendent today, as well as the guy who teaches shop/tech classes (ok, I know I'm not supposed to call them "shop" classes now, but I've forgotten the right euphemism). It sounds like something may actually happen with my proposal for an independent computer class.

There's also a pretty good chance I'll be setting up a Linux box as a web server for them. Which probably means I should read up on security, among other things.

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