Monday, September 20, 0:08 CDT
I read a article on "numbers stations" Thursday night, and fell asleep switching through stations on my little Radio Shack world band radio. Not that I found anything, but that static is strangely hypnotic...

I should learn something about radio.

I got the leather belt clip case for my Palm3x Friday. Wrote a bit about it.

My copy of LinuxPPC came Saturday morning. I made a quick scan through the documentation, then tried to install it, and of course made the discovery that I need the MacOS system CD. I could probably do it without, but I will freely confess that I don't know how. Well, that and I'm being too lazy to read more docs. Anyway, I'll get ahold of a MacOS CD tomorrow and try again.

Looking through the access log for this page has been fascinating. For example, the number of hits I get from Germans looking for info on CD burners is pretty impressive. (Babelfish translates my name to "burn".) And then there're the losers who do searches for stuff and send spam telling me they can help my business succeed by profiling my site...

Hmm... Homework I should do. Or sleep I should get. Or something.

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