Saturday, September 4, 1:30 CDT
I taped an episode of Roughneck: The Starship Troopers Chronicles on the Sci-Fi Channel at 6:30 Tuesday morning. If you haven't heard of it (likely), it's a CGI animated series that appears to be based (mostly) on the movie (*mutter* Verhoeven *mutter*). The bugs look about the same, but there are a few additions. The troopers were wearing some kind of body armor / pressure suits, and there were a few things that looked like miniature battlemechs, which I assume were supposed to be powered battle armor.

The sound was bizarre - a bad techno score, with heavy explosions and gunfire barely audible. And some really bad voice work, which isn't too surprising.

I'll probably tape a few more episodes - the CGI was cool, and there's a chance that it'll develop into something worth watching. Given how badly the writing sucked, it's not likely, but ya never know.

I just submitted a proposal to my school (I've really got to do something with that site, and soon). In short, I suggested sort of an independent-study computer class as a way to improve tech education. I can't honestly imagine much coming of this, but I could be wrong.

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