Wednesday, September 8, 1:38 CDT
I was curious how many hits I was getting here, so I started with an example on this page, and put together an ultra-simple counter script which you might notice at the bottom of the page.

It's the little things in life.

I've got a vague idea of putting together a couple of scripts that would let me automatically add stuff here. For example, all those news articles that I never mention here because, well, I'm not running a news site and it'd take forever. If I could just hit a key while browsing a given article, and have the link added to a list that'd be uploaded daily... Ok, it'd be pointless, but I think I'll do it anyway. Shouldn't be any more difficult than grabbing stuff out of bookmark files and putting it in the right places.

I had my senior pictures taken today. (For those of you who don't know, it's Tradition in these parts that when you're a senior in high school, you pay to have a professional photograph you so that years later, people can look at the picture in old yearbooks and comment on how stupid you looked.) Maybe I'll scan one and post it here when I get the chance.

Just noticed Stephen's Home Page has finally been updated. Nifty.

Yep, it's late. Or early. Or whatever. I do believe I'll go to bed now.

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