Friday, January 7, 22:55 CST
Well, it's been a while. I'd hoped to have some changes made around here by now. I've run into a few problems.

  1. I should change the color scheme.
  2. I have no idea what would be a good color scheme.
  3. I like the concept of CSS. In theory, it means you can write nice, clean, structured HTML and still have useless but attractive eye candy formatting for graphical browsers. Guilt free.
  4. CSS is needlessly complicated and poorly supported. Adopting CSS would probably mean half the people viewing this page would see no formatting whatsoever.
  5. A few graphics might be cool.
  6. .gif's kinda suck, and it'd be nice to use .png's
  7. .png's are poorly supported

The more I think about it, the more I wish I'd been in a position a few years ago to beat some sense into people writing web browsers. And the people coming up with high minded specifications that no one writing web browsers paid any attention to. Maybe especially them.

"You! Give me one more useless, bug ridden proprietary tag intended to make web pages look flashy for 12 year old script kiddies and idiots in upper management, and I will personally beat you about the head and shoulders with this frozen trout! Do we have an understanding?"

"And you... Don't get me started on you. When was the last time you produced a set of standards anyone actually implemented?" [pause for menacing gesture with frozen trout] "No more pointless acronyms! I want an actual standard for separating content from presentation. Today. Before the dominant browsers pollute the 'net with dozens of versions of software and terabytes of incompatible legacy code."

You and I both know this is how it works. Group A comes up with a series of complex, detailed and thoroughly peer reviewed documents outlining the information infrastructure of the future. Group B sits around and says "Ooh! Ooh! I know! Let's add a tag that makes text blink!"

Then a few million self-styled "web designers" come along and abuse those parts of the standards that have any meaning, ignore the rest, and demand more of the same crappy software. And before you know it, it's 2000, and I'm sitting here bitching about this stuff.

Ok, I'm done.

Real update tomorrow.

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