Tuesday, October 17, 21:46 CDT
Argh. Telemarketers.

One more call tonight and I think I'm leaving the phone off the hook.

It's worse than spam. At least you can delete spam without feeling even slightly rude. Fortunately, I think that little twinge of guilt I feel when summarily hanging up on someone is rapidly disappearing.

And somehow, I have remarkably little sympathy for someone whose job boils down to continual intrusive harassment of others on behalf of whatever company is unscrupulous enough to hire them.

And speaking of employment, I really ought to find some. Waaaay too much time on my hands. And yet, somehow, I never really get anything done. Might as well be making some money.

Spent some time this afternoon downloading some WM and GTK themes, and generally prettifying my desktop. For the time being, I think I'm going to defy convention and not post the obligatory screenshot(s).

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