Monday, October 2, 22:26 CDT
Got up this morning, went to physics and history, struggled mightily to stay conscious, almost succeeded.

Ate a mediocre lunch.

Went to topics in lit, joined the rest of the class in desperately avoiding the attention of the teacher for an hour. Went to physics lab, botched experiment in pretty much every way possible. Stumbled out, half brain dead, after 3 hours of stultifying BS.

Ate dinner, watched "Infection" (as bad as I remembered, but actually not without some merit - a couple of good quotes, Sinclair's bit about why we need to stay in space).

Did 40 minutes worth of busywork for intro to CIT ("Files, Directories, Folders", "DOS File Management", "Using Files"...).

Played basketball for a while.

(Orange ball flies.
Running out of breath,
I suck.)

Discovered my tolerance for self-humiliation has, if anything, decreased since the days of junior high physical education.

Came back to the room, and a copy of A Storm of Swords (Eric, you rule!). Today is a Good Day.

And now, I have some reading to do. My next update may be a tad... Delayed.

Monday, October 2, 18:06 CDT
Ooh... "Infection", possibly the worst episode Babylon 5 ever produced, is on. Can't resist this.

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