Tuesday, October 24, 18:16 CDT
Ooh, "Babylon Squared". A good time travel ep is such a rarity...

Zathras rules.

Tuesday, October 24, 16:26 CDT
KDE 2.0 is out, so I grabbed a copy. And yes, it is indeed Very Cool in a lot of ways. If you're running Linux and even vaguely interested in something like an integrated desktop, you really need to check this out.

Konqueror, the combined file manager / viewer / web browser, is especially impressive. Whether or not you like the concept, this is close to being what Microsoft would like Internet Explorer to be. On top of the file managing / viewing stuff, it would appear to be easily a good enough browser for every day use, and it sort of reminds me of Opera in terms of features and size. I'd love to quit using Navigator in favor of this entirely...

Unfortunately, for whatever reason (my computer being ancient and overstressed seems likely), KDE and all of its associated programs are way too slow to be usable.

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