Friday, October 27, 16:42 CDT
Ok, so I didn't go home quite yet.

Yes! A functional, installable, working version of Opera for Linux! And they even have a Debian package! And the interface actually looks better than the Windows version! Now if only it weren't obnoxiously time limited shareware that I'm going to have to pay for again if I want to keep using it!

Yes, I've become spoiled by software that's free in an intellectual sense and dirt cheap in a monetary one. Yes, I'll probably wind up paying for Opera again, both because it's Good Software, and because I harbor some faint hope that eventually the code may be opened.

Friday, October 27, 15:08 CDT
To quote Londo Molari, Oh, my aching head...

Well, so much for a reasonably good time between updates.

Would've written something yesterday, but I had to crank out most of a paper for a lit class. (Sure, I've known about it for weeks. I figure I do my best work 15 minutes before something's due.)

Before I leave for the weekend, have a list of stuff I think is worth linking to but can't really come up with any clever context for:

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