Monday, October 30, 23:27 CST
You know, initially, dropping the empty peanut shells back into the sack seemed like a good idea. As the peanuts become increasingly difficult to find, however, I realize that this may not have been the best long term solution to the shell disposal issue...

It's also a bad idea to type while shelling and eating peanuts.

Ok, so I just finished reading The Amber Spyglass, the final volume of the His Dark Materials trilogy.

And wow.

I need to write a full length review of this, I think, but I don't really feel up to saying anything worthwhile or even vaguely original about it tonight. And I do think it's deserving of an effort to do so. The same applies to Drunken Master and Mononoke...

For anyone out there who might have their e-mail address listed/linked on a web page, I came across a nifty idea that might help prevent spam bots from collecting it. Just use character entities to represent it. Never would've occurred to me, but it at least seems to work in all the browsers I use, and there's at least a chance that it'll help. They even have a little CGI up to convert plain text to character entities.

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