Thursday, November 16, 19:27 CST
Well, I've been sitting here all day, doing essentially nothing, beyond aimless web surfing and messing with e-mail. I didn't even read rec.arts.sf.written, which means I'm probably about 5000 articles behind. I would check, but if I did that it'd be far too easy to read a post or two or a hundred, and I probably wouldn't escape for at least two hours.

Stuff bookmarked while aimlessly browsing:

I'd really kind of like to go to Lincoln, and watch Laurel play for the (Nebraska, class C2) state football championship tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have a quiz at 9:00 and a test at 10. The game is at 11. I suppose I could have found a way around this, if I'd actually thought about it prior to this afternoon.

(Interesting to note that though the LCHS site is still an ugly mess, it's an ugly mess considerably improved over what was there when I was supposed to be working on it, a year ago. High on the list of things I'm quite grateful my name isn't attached to in any visible way.)

Now I am going to do some studying.

I keep meaning to stop procrastinating, but I always wind up putting it off a few days...

Thursday, November 16, 13:35 CST
Well, it didn't snow enough to get any class cancelled... Ah well.

Messing around with that little table cell over to the right of the page. Nothing much of any use there yet.

Thursday, November 16, 0:22 CST
Snow, I say, SNOW!

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