Monday, November 20, 23:54 CST
Gurney: Wow, you're right. I could rattle off a BASIC program in no time at all right now. It's still...right there.

'Course, I did write approximately two billion cheesy little text games in BASIC, so that might have helped....

Brennen: LOL!

I'd say you topped my output by approximately half a billion.

Gurney: heh. As a local sword swallower puts it, "Evidence of a mis-spent youth."

Monday, November 20, 15:52 CST
Listening to "The Squirming Coil" and playing with a slinky.

(Phish on dmoz)

Just spent several hours rearranging Ye Olde Dorm Room. That was way too thought intensive.

Watching my roommate re-install Windows, after a week of increasing frustration with a bizarre bug that pops up a little "Setting up Personalized Settings" box as it starts and then freezes. Can't help but feel that I should've figured it out by now, but I'm pretty much clueless.

Oh yeah... Laurel won, 34-0. And watching that definitely would've been cooler than, say, taking an essay test over the French Revolution. Though actually I'd have to say my world history class is probably the one I enjoy most, at least in terms of the subject matter.

"Have you ever heard of a thing called an assassin? They're known for assassinations." - Some guy out in the hall

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