Tuesday, November 21, 12:02 CST
Ahhhh, done for the week. Thanksgiving break is a goodness.

Handy tip for making life easier under Linux: Start up an xterm, set the font size to Small or lower (hold down control and right click in the window, you'll get a handy popup), resize it to a cute little box, stick it in a corner. Then whenever you feel the need to run some random command but don't need it to be interactive, you can just alt-tab or move the mouse over it instead of starting a new terminal. If you need to look at output, piping it to xless seems to work quite well, and if you *do* need to open it in another xterm, using xterm -e command & is easy enough...

I'm fairly certain there're dockapps that do the same thing, but at the moment I'm too lazy to go looking.

JMS' latest column is the kind of advice I ought to be taking.

Anyway, think I'll go home and be indolent for a while now. In case I don't write anything here for the remainder of the week, happy Thanksgiving, all!

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