Sunday, November 26, 17:15 CST
I'm back. As ever, with the usual host of ambitious ideas that accumulate every time I'm away from a computer for a few days, which will probably go nowhere.

Thanksgiving was mostly good; we went to my grandma's house, saw relatives, ate too much, the usual. Well, not entirely the usual, but it was good anyway. Saw my cousin Rachel, who's getting married next year. And wow, is that still a strange thought.

Everything changes.

Managed to read Jo Walton's The King's Peace, and see Unbreakable. Both good, and both deserving of a full length review. Have most of the Unbreakable review written, in fact... Just need to finish it up and post.

Using the Mac at home last night, I downloaded iCab, a lightweight (1.2 meg) shareware web browser. As a rule, I don't envy Macintosh users their choice of software, but iCab is definitely one of the few exceptions. Renders pages nicely, easily customizable, and packed with cool little touches. Stuff like a built in HTML validator, image and JavaScript filtering, and graphical counterparts to Lynx features like listing all of the links on a page and making actual use of LINK tags...

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