Tuesday, November 7, 23:11 CST
(Cool Music Plug: Goldfinger's cover of 99 Red Balloons rocks. Search your local Napster equivalent now. I figure out what album this is on, I'm buying it. Thank you, Much Music.)

Just spent a couple of hours playing Dead or Alive 2 in 4 player tag-team mode on a friend's DreamCast...

My first impression was "pretty but brainless" (very, very pretty)... After actually taking time to get used to the controls though, I think I'm hooked. It's maybe not quite as well rounded as something like Tekken 3, but it makes up for it with a control scheme and gameplay that are actually 3D, using the little analog doohickey above the direction pad on the DreamCast's controller to control movement on the ground, along with featuring walls and multilevelled combat arenas that actually have a big effect on play. And the 4 player tag team mode adds an incredible dynamic to the game that's probably the coolest multiplayer experience I've ever had on a console...

Rant to be continued after I finish watching Mystery, Alaska.

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