Wednesday, November 8, 21:25 CST
Just posted a review of Princess Mononoke.

Wednesday, November 8, 11:48 CST
To finish where I left off rambling about dedicated gaming systems...

I've never been a huge console gamer, though I have killed quite a few hours on machines (Nintendos and SNES's and Ataris and Gameboys and Playstations...) owned by friends. 2D platform games and beat 'em ups aside, the kind of stuff I enjoy hasn't really been done (or done well) on console systems - first person shooters and Wing Commander style space combat, for example.

These days though, with the lines between PCs and consoles blurring ever more, and a growing number of games that're worth the play time, it's getting much more tempting to buy one of the latest round of systems. Especially since the multiplayer dynamic on a console system is an entirely different thing from that you'll find in most computer games - not better, but equally worth experiencing, I think. Granted, a new computer provides more bang for the buck, and there's still no way a console system can keep up with the development of new PC stuff, but there are advantages to that - notice how much performance console developers manage to squeeze out of a static system like the Playstation, even now? I only wish PC game developers would even attempt to make that much of what they have to work with...

Er, anyway. Time to go to class again.

Wednesday, November 8, 8:46 CST
Well, Mystery, Alaska wasn't all that bad. Not great or anything, but it did have its moments. Would've been much improved if it weren't trying to cover so much ground, I think.

Woke up vaguely wondering who won the (US) presidential election, and how much I really cared... There's something gratifying about turning on the TV and finding out that no one else knows either.

Suppose I should go to class.

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