Monday, December 4, 15:22 CST
Ahhhhh, finally. My natural ability to ignore every deadline, obligation, requirement and mutually exclusive demand upon my finite time and limited mental capacity until I'm trapped in a collapsing series of miniature crisis points for weeks on end has reasserted itself... The suspense was killing me.

Old habits die hard, it seems.

So, what's happened lately?

Went to a Lorie Line Christmas concert in Omaha with my family last Thursday. Not the kind of music I usually listen to, but it was good. An amazing amount of talent there.

Definitely time to expand my musical horizons.

Music Plug of the Day: Ever seen High Fidelity? If not, you should. At any rate, the soundtrack contains some excellent stuff. Been listening to the Beta Band obsessively for the past couple of days - search your filesharing service of choice for "Dry the Rain" or "Needles in my Eyes". Definitely on the Actually Going to Buy This Music list.

(There's a URL scheme we could use. Some standardized way to link to searches for media files...)

Also managed to hit a bookstore Thursday, and picked up a copy of Philip K. Dick's The Man in the High Castle. It was excellent, in that weird and not at all what I'm used to way. Need to read more PKD... Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep was good, and "Second Variety" is one of the most effectively creepy things I've ever read.

I watched (of course) the first installment of Sci-Fi's Dune miniseries last night. And here's the amazing thing: It Didn't Suck.

It was far from perfect, and of course they've still got 2/3 of their alotted time left with which to botch the whole thing, but so far... Not bad. Not bad at all. More on that later, I'm sure...

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